Invoice factoring. Where do I start?

When it comes to finance solutions for businesses it can seem like a minefield. Here at Zodeq we offer a clear range of services such as invoice finance or invoice factoring,
invoice discounting and asset based lending. Choosing the right financing solution for your organisation can make all the difference.

We would always advise clients to consider the full range of finance options before making a decision. Don’t assume that alternatives to bank loans and overdrafts are only for those who have either been refused a bank loan or have already exhausted their overdraft. Look at how each solution might work for your business.

Factoring or invoice financing and other alternative finance solutions are sometimes perceived as a last resort solution but we believe this is a misconception. The financial sector has changed dramatically in recent years and in reality solutions like invoice financing can offer a more practical and flexible solution which works with your business as it changes and grows.

Before you decide on a particular form of business finance, consider the following:

Do you find that you often wait a long time for invoices to be paid? Does this impact on your cash flow?

If so invoice financing (or invoice factoring as it is sometimes referred to) or invoice discounting might be a practical solution.

Do you have valuable assets in the business? Or perhaps you are looking to purchase some valuable equipment?

If so we could help you with an asset based lending solution.

Do you want to remain in control of your own credit control?

If so invoice discounting offers a flexible approach, giving you fast access to cash when you need it but leaving you in control of chasing payments.

Have you considered bad debt protection for your business?

Whilst you may not want to think about it it is something we should all consider and it is advisable to take the necessary precautions to protect our business.

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