Manufacturing and Engineering

At Zodeq we understand the importance of the manufacturing and engineering sectors in the UK and how such vital industries contribute over 20% to the UK GDP.

SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering sectors are generally waiting longer to receive payments than their larger competitors, and this can have a significant impact on the day to day running of the business as well as its long-term growth.

Our senior team have vast experience of providing financing for engineering and manufacturing organisations. We offer solutions for clients operating in these sectors, ranging from manufacturers of farming equipment to food processing equipment, right through to precision engineered components used in aerospace.

We have particular experience in Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Medical, Tool Making and Defence , as well as all aspects of services feeding into these areas. We have supported a number of clients in recent years through the turbulence seen in the oil and gas sector.

We are conversant with the day to day trading practices of the large purchasers in the sector such as the UK MOD, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, large DIY Stores, supermarkets and retailers and all manner of terms and conditions and accreditations such as NADCAP. We are confident we can ensure the appropriate funding structure is made available to you and that you will feel confident that you have chosen a funding partner that understands your business as well as the day to day challenges you face.

What we can offer

  • Invoice financing or factoring – with Zodeq or your business handling credit control
  • Confidential invoice discounting
  • We can arrange for full or selective bad debt protection via one of our selected suppliers
  • Up to 90% advance rate against your sales
  • Assistance with purchase funding and asset finance for plant and machinery investment or re-finance

Who we can help

  • New start or established companies
  • Companies currently experiencing funding restrictions with their current provider due to customer T&Cs deemed ’onerous’
  • Companies looking for a more supportive provider to assist them in their future growth plans
  • Companies looking for flexible financing solutions
  • Companies involved in staged invoicing or turnkey projects
  • Companies who work with free issue material or trade on a consignment or call off basis

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