Case Study

1st Choice 24/7 Recruitment

1st Choice 24/7 Recruitment Ltd is an employment-based agency, specialising in supplying to the industrialised sector such as warehouse, waste management and kitchen prep sectors.

Our Client:

A leader in industrial recruitment, the nature of the industry in which 1st Choice 24/7 Recruitment specialises quite often sees significant fluctuations in staffing requirements, something which the specialist 1st Choice team is on hand to support with throughout the UK.

The Issue:

With staff shortages and limited financing in place, 1st Choice looked to alternative funding solutions to support their cash flow and provide vital back office support. The business was referred to Zodeq via a broker who conveyed Zodeq’s extensive experience in invoice finance for the recruitment sector.

The Solution:

A bespoke invoice finance facility was put in place that allowed the team at 1st Choice to begin supplying the relevant number of staff to a client straight away, without the added stress of cash flow concerns. Furthermore, with the Zodeq team chasing for payment of invoices on their behalf, 1st Choice was left free to focus on their core business responsibilities without the added pressure of carrying out time consuming credit control.

The Result:

For the last fiscal year, turnover reached £1.6 million for 1st Choice, up 40% from the previous fiscal year. This would not have been possible without the support of Zodeq’s invoice finance facility as the business would not have been able to supply staff at its current level.

One of the main benefits we have found is the freedom of talking to potential clients, getting them credit checked and once they have been cleared, Zodeq will provide the necessary finance so that you can supply the relevant number of staff to the client. The last thing we need as a recruitment company is to disappoint the client in not supplying the correct number of staff for the job! In this case we won’t as the financing side is covered. We are comfortable in knowing Zodeq has our back!

The communication with the Zodeq team has always been fantastic and they have never let me down. From my experience, there is always someone on hand to help. I would most definitely recommend Zodeq to other businesses. There is no question about their integrity and commitment.

Asam Mirza, Finance Director