Pension Provision

Zodeq 360’s pension provision service provides clients with end-to-end management of auto enrolment requirements, ensuring your pension responsibilities are manageable and the process is efficient.

Pension regulations

From 1st April 2017 employers must assess PAYE workers for Pensions Auto Enrolment, this includes all businesses operating within the recruitment sector. Therefore, any worker still actively working for you after a three-month period should be enrolled onto a scheme (unless they choose to opt-out).


What does our service include?

  • Communication with any new/live PAYE workers after the 3-month deferment period
  • Communicate all costs and contributions in a detailed schedule to the workers, how it will affect their take home pay and show this as a separate deduction on their payslip
  • Deal with any refunds applicable
  • Handle opt out communication between you, the worker and NEST (the pension provider)
  • Full compliance with existing and any new legislation that comes into force

The benefits of our pension provision service

  • Saves you valuable time
  • Ensures you are compliant with legislation
  • Provides workers with a clear understanding of their pension scheme
  • Makes the auto-enrolment process manageable and efficient

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