Credit control

Improve your business’ cash flow

Ensuring your business is paid on time, monitoring late payments and chasing outstanding debts are all time-consuming tasks.

Chasing payments is also a responsibility that many individuals put off or avoid. If you aren’t accustomed to chasing payments it can feel stressful and uncomfortable, however keeping on top of payments is crucial to business cash flow.

With Zodeq 360 our knowledgeable, experienced staff will take care of all aspects of your credit control. We will chase payments from debtors on your behalf, in a professional and diplomatic manner ensuring that positive customer relationships are maintained.


Outsourcing your credit control has numerous benefits, particularly for small businesses without the resources for a dedicated in-house credit control department.

The benefits of Zodeq 360 credit control

  • Saves you precious time
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Distances yourself from payment collections – freeing you up to approach clients regarding other matters
  • Ensures debts don’t escalate
  • Helps to avoid stress
  • A clearer picture of your ledger at all times

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