Case Study

Nue Care Staffing Solutions

Nue Care Staffing Solutions offers tailored temporary healthcare staffing services to clients throughout the medical field.

Our Client:

Offering a full spectrum of temporary healthcare solutions, Nue Care Staffing Solutions has particular expertise in secure environment. The agency prides itself on transparency throughout the hiring process, taking the time to truly understand a client’s requirements and matching them to the suitable clinician candidate.

The Issue:

Like many recruitment agencies, Nue Care Staffing Solutions was faced with the issue of payment terms; specifically, the payment terms of the agency’s clients in relation to the payment needs of their staff, were poles apart. Ultimately this meant that maintaining cash flow proved to be a significant challenge.

The Solution:

Zodeq was introduced to Nue Care Staffing Solutions via an independent advisor who were well-versed with our expertise and knowledge in our field.

After initial conversations between Nue Care Staffing and the team at Zodeq, we identified that invoice finance would be the ideal solution. This allows the agency to release a percentage of cash from an invoice as soon as it has been raised and sent to a client to ensure cash flow is maintained month in, month out.

The Result:

In our time working with Nue Care we have supported the agency in overcoming all its finance and cash flow challenges which has proven invaluable in the longevity of the business.

Without the confines of cash flow restrictions, the business has been able to grow and expand; the potential that the partnership between our two businesses has is vast and therefore we cannot wait to see how the invoice finance facility continues to support Nue Care Staffing Solutions and provide a platform for further growth moving forward.

“From our initial dealings with Paul, to the current levels of support we receive from Gareth and Amanda, the service has been seamless and faultless. All the team at Zodeq are supportive, friendly, knowledgeable, and available. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zodeq, ahead of all other solutions.”

Jamie Laurie, Director at Nue Care Staffing Solutions