Case Study

Star Care 24/7

Star Care 24/7 offers recruitment services for the healthcare sector.

Our Client:

Star Care 24/7 is an independent, privately owned recruitment business based in Gloucester.

They specialise in recruitment for the healthcare sector, recruiting staff for a wide range of roles across care homes, residential homes, and primary care settings, as well as for NHS and private hospitals in Gloucester and the surrounding areas.

The Issue:

Operating in an extremely competitive market sector, the business was facing challenges around cashflow and payroll services. They had approached other business finance companies but struggled to find the right partner which could provide the credit facility needed to grow the business.

The Solution:

Star Care 24/7 partnered with Zodeq to benefit from their factoring service, which has helped them with the recognisable cashflow challenges faced by many recruitment businesses due to the long payment terms dictated by their clients.

They have also taken advantage of Zodeq’s payroll service. Outsourcing this back office function has released them from time-consuming work and given them the confidence that staff will be paid accurately and on time.

The Result:

Improved cashflow and a reliable payroll service have helped the business to operate more efficiently and have been crucial factors in the growth, success, and profitability of the business.

Since partnering with Zodeq, turnover at Star Care 24/7 has increased by a staggering 75%.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zodeq. They are a great team. Michelle has been very helpful and supported us on each occasion, along with Lisa and Gina who have also been helpful and supportive. Their support and services have been key to how we run the business and to significantly increasing turnover.”

Bogdan-Vasile Turcas, Director