Asset Finance

Asset based lending or asset finance as it is sometimes referred to can be an excellent option for releasing cash into a business.

Does your business have capital tied up in physical assets such as machinery and equipment, or vehicles? Or perhaps you need to acquire equipment or a specialist vehicle to take your business to the next level? Maybe you feel your business is being held back because it doesn’t have a big enough fleet of vehicles or is hindered by having to rent specialist equipment.

We understand that often businesses will need to make significant investments in assets in order to be able to meet demand for their products or services. In some cases delaying the purchase of equipment can be detrimental to a business particularly where clients will take their business to a competitor.

Zodeq’s asset based lending could be viable option to make that next step towards greater efficiency or increased productivity; benefiting your bottom line in the long run.

Benefits of asset based lending

  • Release capital from assets your organisation owns
  • Finance assets which your business needs
  • Rapid access to cash to support business growth
  • Pay for new equipment over time not in one lump sum
  • Clear and transparent approach

How it works

With asset based lending we will free up cash to your business which would otherwise be tied up in property, equipment or other assets owned by the business. This can offer a straight forward approach to securing a cash injection for your business when it is needed most.

Who uses asset based lending

Asset based lending can be suitable for businesses in any sector as long as the organisation has assets which the finance can be secured against. It can be an effective approach to releasing cash from existing company owned assets or for financing new equipment, machinery, vehicles or other business assets.

If you think you could benefit from asset based lending
then please get in touch to discuss the options.