Invoice discounting

With invoice discounting you can gain access to funds as soon as an invoice is raised. Unlike with invoice financing you remain in control of collecting payments.

This is a preferred option for some businesses as it is completely confidential. Clients pay their invoices directly to the organisation, the credit control function remains with the business and if clients are chased they will be unaware that cash has been advanced against their invoice by a third party.

Benefits of invoice discounting

  • Improved cash flow
  • Flexible
  • There is no long term loan agreement
  • No waiting for late payments or chasing debtors
  • It isn’t a loan so doesn’t impact on your credit rating
  • A completely confidential service

How it works

Once you have raised an invoice we release up to 100% of the cash tied up in that invoice so you don’t have to wait for payment from your client. Rather than having cash tied up in invoices with invoice discounting most of the value of the invoice is available straight away to reinvest in materials, equipment or business costs.

With invoice discounting unlike invoice financing we don’t chase payments on your behalf. For some businesses this is preferable as they retain control over this area of their business and their clients and suppliers remain unaware that a financing solution is in place.

Who uses invoice discounting?

Invoice discounting is available to a wide range of businesses. We often work with clients in the recruitment, engineering, construction, warehousing and distribution, and haulage and printing industries. Invoice discounting is commonly used by those companies operating in industries where it may take a long time to convert receivables to cash. It is also popular with organisations undergoing a period of rapid growth where having a cash injection or improving regular cash flow will help to maximise timely opportunities.

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