Zodeq Principal Model

The Zodeq Principal model is the perfect way to start or run your own recruitment business with minimal risk and all the time consuming back office tasks taken care of.

Zodeq will take on the legal and administrative role of being your recruitment agency leaving you free to dedicate your time and efforts to building your client base, sourcing candidates and servicing clients.

In the early days of any small business an inordinate amount of time can be taken up with different administrative tasks.

For those who have never run their own business before there is so much to learn and understand when venturing out on your own, add to that the fact that there is a great deal of legislation to be adhered to in the recruitment sector and the day to day running of your dream business can quickly seem insurmountable.

The benefits

  • A quick straightforward way to start working and earning
  • Minimal start up costs
  • No need to set up a ltd company (although you can progress to this stage once you are ready)
  • No loan agreement
  • A simple fee structure which is easy to understand
  • No hidden charges (unlike other organisations we won’t charge you for checking credit limits or exceeding funding limits)
  • Cash flow solutions and back office support all in one convenient place
  • Minimal risk
  • The autonomy of working for yourself but with the support of an experienced partner
  • You maintain complete control of your business
  • Simple and flexible. As your business grows and your requirements change we will still be here to support you at each stage

Why Zodeq?

Our team has a wealth of real recruitment experience. Some of us have worked in recruitment and others have worked in businesses servicing recruitment agencies. Our knowledge and experience is all derived from real, practical experience so when you look to us for advice or support we really do understand the industry and your business.

  • Initial financing
  • ICAEW Accounting Function
  • Legal info
  • Contracts of employment
  • Being your legal entity
  • Insurance
  • Raising client invoices
  • Compliance

Recruitment business start-ups

This model is ideal for anyone considering starting their own recruitment business. It offers the perfect solution for those that crave the flexibility and autonomy of running their own business but don’t relish the thought of actually setting up a company of their own.

If you are currently working for someone else but are frustrated and believe you could be earning more money working for yourself then get in touch.


The first couple of years for any new business can be incredibly time consuming, particularly with regards to juggling the administrative and legal obligations, as well as adhering to the increasing raft of legislation from HMRC. All of which will add to your to do list and take your focus away from your core business.

With our Principal service, early stage recruiters will also benefit from Zodeq 360, our comprehensive back office support service that aims to reduce the burden of administration whilst still allowing you to maintain the independence of running your own business.

Whether you are thinking of starting your own recruitment business or are already running an early stage business get in touch to see how we can help.