2023 workplace trends

  Published: 25th January 2023

2022 brought with it strong economic headwinds and ongoing political unrest, which shaped businesses in certainly more ways than one. As a result of this uncertainty many of us have become accustomed to new ways of working, which have kick-started contemporary workplace trends.

Taking on board all that we have learnt from 2022, as we face the year ahead there are many upcoming trends that we can expect to dominate the workplace in 2023, we take a look at these below…

Workplace trends 

Prioritising upskilling

For many employees, upskilling opportunities are becoming an increasingly important part of their job hunt criteria. Since the pandemic it has not been uncommon for employees to feel that their skill sets are outdated, meaning they are constantly on the lookout for new learning and development opportunities. Moving into 2023, employers supporting these development ventures will be essential for employee retention and appealing to new talent.

The fight for flexibility

Hybrid, remote or office-based, whatever your preference, for many the option of flexible working is paramount. After the pandemic highlighted that productivity levels are rarely compromised from a changing work environment, employees have grown to enjoy the flexibility. In the upcoming year it is expected that employees will continue to demand a flexible approach when it comes to working location and employers will need to be amenable to this.

Rise in start-ups

2022 saw an influx in start-up businesses throughout the UK, and this acceleration of people taking the leap to take on the role of business owners is not set to slow down any time soon. As employee workplace preference trends towards valuing autonomy and freedom many are set to opt to ‘do it their own way’ in 2023.

Heightened focus on cash flow

As each business may prioritise adopting different trends, one common focal point for all will be a heightened focus on cash flow in 2023. As the rippling effect of the cost of living crisis continues to hit businesses they must ensure cash flow is maintained month in, month out. The right finance package, such as invoice finance as well as a strong credit management function will ultimately support your cash flow significantly.

As we have seen over the past few years, businesses have a proven track record for being resourceful and flexible to be able to adapt to different workplace trends.

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