A day in the life of our Sales Director, Simon

  Published: 7th January 2020

Want to know what a typical day looks like for Simon Holian? We recently sat down with him and asked him some questions about his day to day activity as Sales Director of Zodeq.

A typical day for Simon

How does your day begin? 


The day normally starts with my alarm sounding at around 7am. I like to wake up with some Music and will always put on something lively while I get ready for the day. Breakfast is usually cereal and I often make a coffee to take with me on my morning journey.


What do you typically wear?


I always try to look professional for the working day and wear a business suit.


How do you organise your work?


It is great to have the freedom to plan my own work day-to-day. There is a lot of travelling with my role so logistics planning is important to make sure I have plenty of time to reach each appointment. A combination of the AA Route Planner and my Outlook Calendar ensure I have properly planned my Journeys and the rest of my tasks fall around these appointments. I tend to spend some time at the end of each day, making a note of what needs to be completed the next day to try and stay organised.


Where are you usually based?


I am usually working remotely so my car tends to serve as the office! I live on the Wirral but I will spend much of my working week visiting prospective clients and professional partners that we work with. We have clients nationwide and meeting in person is important to us and them, and something we like to do as part of setting up new accounts. I will normally be in our Zodeq offices in Chester at least 1 day a week and occasionally work from home if I need to complete paperwork.


What’s for lunch?


With a lot of travelling involved with the role, I often pick up a sandwich for lunch during my journey or in between meetings. M&S and Waitrose in Motorway Services being my go-to option on longer drives. If I am in the office I will try to prepare some lunch to bring in with me.


What time does your working day usually end?


The time my working day ends does vary; largely depending on where my meetings have been and how kind the traffic is. Once my appointments for the day have finished I will do some follow up work, respond to emails and plan for the next day. I can be finished around 5.30pm or later in the evening if required. My work mobile is always on so I do try and stay available to clients when needed, whatever the time of day.


What is your favourite part of being Sales Director for Zodeq?


I love the variety that comes with my job. As a company we support lots of owner-managed businesses and a big part of my role is getting to know the people and understanding the background to them and their company, and finding out what they do. No two stories are the same and the businesses we work with are all unique and varied in what they do. Our clients are very passionate about their business and it is a pleasure to be able to provide a service to them which will assist them as they continue to grow.


Aside from what you do now, what would be your dream job?


I am a big fan of all things sport, both playing and watching. I play tennis, table tennis and darts and watch lots of football. If someone was prepared to pay me to do any, that would be the dream!


How do you like to wind down when not working?


Playing competitive club tennis is a passion of mine and something that I like to do at least once a week. It is great way to unwind and break up a busy week. I also enjoy spending time with friends, going to the cinema, watching my team Liverpool play football, or taking on the pub quiz at the local with a few shandys.