A guide to efficient timesheet processing for recruiters

  Published: 17th January 2019

Timesheet processing is a crucial aspect to the day to day running of a recruitment business, but one that many struggle to balance alongside other core responsibilities. With timing essential for timesheet processing, failure to get this balance right could significantly impact other vital areas of the business.


Set deadlines for receiving timesheets

A vast number of recruitment companies already have this in place to ensure that their timesheet processing is as efficient as possible. By not setting strict deadlines (i.e. 5pm each Thursday) recruiters set themselves up to be bombarded by additional timesheets at all times of the day, and therefore removing any structure to the process itself.

Maintaining thorough records

It goes without saying that thorough record keeping is a vital aspect for any business, but particularly when it comes to timesheets and recruiters, without keeping a thorough and accurate record of all administrative requirements, you are unable to adequately respond to queries or generate reports, which will ultimately lead to rather unhappy candidates and clients.

Investment in software

Processing timesheets can take a massive amount of time for recruiters, time that is taken away from other responsibilities. Therefore, receiving the appropriate help where possible can dramatically improve efficiency. Software is one of the main ways that recruiters do this, investing in the appropriate technology that can automate a proportion of the process and subsequently free up your time to focus on other areas.

Outsourcing timesheet processing

Recruitment businesses of all shapes and sizes can greatly benefit from outsourcing their timesheet processing facility, so that they can focus a great deal more of their attention on running and growing their business.


Many of the recruiters that we work with here at Zodeq have found huge benefit from our Zodeq 360 service, a comprehensive back office support package designed for recruiters, that takes care of a number of vital administrative requirements on the business’ behalf, including timesheet processing.


This service includes:

  • Calculations of time off, sick pay, holiday pay, time owed and more
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Efficient processing that adapts to your specific payment requirements (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc)


Above all, this service vastly reduces the administration time required to process timesheets for a business, as well as reducing the administrative cost of hiring additional staff.


Speak to our expert team today to find out more about our Zodeq 360 services.