Could outsourcing be the key to growing your business?

  Published: 28th June 2019

Running any type of business is time consuming.  There is so much to do and so many tasks that often don’t seem to align with the core purpose of the business and yet they have to happen to keep the business running effectively.

Starting a new business can be a time of great excitement. New business owners tend to be driven and highly motivated often leading them to work long hours and do whatever it takes. That might mean taking on the role of sales person, accounts, HR manager and cleaner.  This may be the only option in the early stages but it is rarely sustainable long term, particularly if the aim is to grow the business.

Outsourcing can offer the perfect solution to growing a business

Outsourcing some (or all) of the time consuming yet vital administrative tasks involved in running an organisation can be an effective way to scale a business. Saving business owners and managers time is a huge benefit but there are numerous other benefits too.  Here are just some of the other ways in which outsourcing can help.


Outsourcing certain tasks will mean that they are carried out by dedicated staff with specific experience and/or qualifications.  For example, outsourcing your payroll will mean it is taken care of by someone who understands payroll and the relevant legislation that must be adhered to. This might be expertise that a small business wouldn’t necessarily have in-house.  This doesn’t just save time but can provide peace of mind too.


When growing a business perception is crucial.  Does your organisation look organised to external clients?  Does it appear to have the capacity to cope with more new business?  By outsourcing back office administration to an efficient provider the perception will be that your organisation is running smoothly and efficiently.  It can also give the impression that a business is bigger than it actually is.  Perfect when trying to secure a significant contract.


Busy month?  Peaks and troughs can cause major headaches for businesses but with the right back office provider in place they can be managed more efficiently.


Not being distracted by essential admin frees up business owners, managers and other members of staff to focus on the business.


Outsourcing areas such as invoicing and credit control can mean financial benefits too.  Unpaid and late invoices cost SMEs thousands every year.  This can have a huge impact on a small business but by appointing specialists to take care of your invoicing and credit control you can reduce the occurrence of late payments and improve overall cashflow.

If you think that outsourcing might help you to grow your business then get in touch.  We offer a range of back office support services designed to reduce the burden of time-consuming administration tasks on managers and business owners.  Speak to one of our team to find out more about how we could help.