A day in the life of our Managing Director Paul

  Published: 7th November 2017

Our MD, Paul Cooney, was recently interviewed by the Chester Chronicle on what a typical day looks like for the Managing Director of a successful invoice finance company. Here is a round up of Paul’s interview.


How does your day begin?


I will start my day at around 6:30am usually, have my breakfast of a banana and bottle of water and then occasionally I will take my kids to school if my wife, Debbie, is working. I leave for work early enough that my drive in from Liverpool is relatively easy, usually getting to the office at around 8am.


What do you typically wear?


I wear a suit every day for work, but the shoes come first in my eyes! I am a huge fan of classic English shoes, such as Oliver Sweeney. You’ll always catch me looking at people’s shoes.


How do you organise your work?


With such a busy work schedule my tasks for each day could easily be missed if I didn’t organise my workload properly, so I am known to make detailed lists of my tasks for each day. This keeps me on track to know where I am up to and what I have on my plate so I don’t lie awake at night worrying that I have forgotten something.


Where are you usually based?


My work will often start in the office and I am usually there 50% of the time, but the nature of my role means I am often out and about at meetings with clients and prospective clients for a large proportion of my day.


What’s for lunch?


It’s difficult to say where I’ll be at lunch time so I am never too organised when it comes to bringing lunch into work, I usually nip to Marks & Spencer for a sandwich.


What time does your working day usually end?


The end to my day will differ from day to day depending on how far I am with work to be completed or if my daughter Aimie has her dancing class or my son, Jack has football.


What is your favourite part of being MD for Zodeq?


I love that my job is about helping businesses achieve their potential and to grow. Building relationships with businesses is a fantastic part of my job, and from this I get to learn so much about different industries that I would never have known otherwise.


What is your least favourite part?


I receive a lot of emails, so many that at times it can feel like it’s taking over my day! I try and set specific times each day where I will check my emails as I find this leads me to be more productive when I’m not constantly checking them.


Aside from what you do now, what would be your dream job?


That would be a tie between a sommelier in Italy so I can sample all of the fantastic wines, or a luxury hotel suite tester so that I can visit all of the luxurious hotels in locations across the world.


How do you like to wind down when not working?


I love to cook, I am my family’s chef at the weekend; my favourite dish to make is Salmon linguine.


Take a look at Paul’s full interview with the Chester Chronicle below.


Chester Chronicle Day in the life