Four reasons why now is the ideal time to start your own recruitment business

  Published: 25th November 2020

Whilst uncertainty is certainly one of the biggest issues surrounding the UK business world currently, trends have shown us that the recruitment industry has the ability to recover to the same levels, if not higher, as pre-lockdown.


For many working within the recruitment industry, this is a positive outlook on what is currently a very challenging time. We have seen many recruiters in recent months take toll of their day to day working life and seek a change; ultimately resulting in a sharp rise in the number of start-up recruitment businesses entering the industry.


So, if you’re considering setting up your own recruitment business, when exactly is the right time? Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why right now could be perfect!


You control your working life

The flexibility and freedom that comes with running your own business can make a huge difference to your career satisfaction. Of course, there is a great deal of responsibility associated with running your business, but established in the right way, and taking advantage of the support available to you, will ultimately mean that you control your day to day working life.


The recruitment industry is growing

There has been a sharp rise in job listings in recent months, following the slump the industry experienced at the height of lockdown. This means that there is significant demand for recruitment services within UK businesses, therefore ample opportunities for fledgling businesses to establish themselves within the market.


Finance options are out there

One of the biggest reasons we are told by prospective business owners for not setting up on their own is a lack of initial capital and ongoing finance. For start-up recruiters working with Zodeq, no money upfront is required, as we will provide the initial capital to get the business up and running. For ongoing finance to maintain cash flow and grow a business, there are countless options out there, outside of the traditional bank loans.


Great support is everywhere

One of the most effective tools any new business can utilise is support from fellow businesses. Whether this is making connections with fellow businesses for advice, guidance and referrals, or using their services to make running your business easier, great support is vital and it can be easily found. As a first-time business owner you may have never dealt with certain aspects of business such as invoicing, credit control, HMRC admin, payroll and so on, however it is vital that these are not forgotten. Finding a third party who will take care of these areas for you will not only ensure that they are carried out accurately and on time, but it will also free up your time to focus on your core responsibilities.


So, what are you waiting for? Now is most definitely the time to set up on your own. Speak to Zodeq today to find out more about how we can support you.