What are the challenges facing private and NHS recruiters?

  Published: 3rd May 2024

Recruiters in the healthcare sector know that the industry by nature poses many challenges, in particularly when it comes to funding.

As experts in providing financial solutions for those in the healthcare industry, Zodeq is perfectly placed to help with these challenges, whether you recruit for private hospitals, local authorities, or the NHS – RPO and neutral vendors included!

Below, we take a look at some of the specific challenges that healthcare recruiters may face and how they can be overcome.

Competition for talent

Both private healthcare and the NHS often compete for the same pool of healthcare professionals. This intensifies during shortages in certain specialities, leading to bidding wars and higher costs for recruitment.

Market volatility

With fluctuations in demand for healthcare professionals common, it can be tricky for recruiters to plan effectively. And with many positions needing to be filled at short notice, recruiters will often require a long list of reliable candidates and a healthy cash flow in order to manage the market.

High costs

Both NHS and private healthcare recruiters often must contend with limited budgets, which may impact their ability to offer competitive salaries and benefits. This issue, teamed with the considerable time and resources it requires to recruit a top-tier healthcare professional, means that healthcare recruiters often have strain on their financial stability to bear the costs.

Cash flow constraints

The nature of the healthcare industry means that both NHS and private recruiters are often waiting on payments from their clients due to extended payment terms or client-specific restraints.

So, what is the solution?

A commonly sought-out option for healthcare recruiters is invoice finance. This solution allows both NHS and private healthcare recruiters to release a percentage of cash from unpaid invoices immediately, meaning they can meet their own financial obligations and grow their business regardless of any of the challenges listed above.

A healthy cash flow means that healthcare recruiters can get on with what they do best – find the top candidates for their clients and drive success in the industry.

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