Introducing Zodeq 360

  Published: 24th September 2018

Here at Zodeq, we endeavour to ensure that all services we provide our clients add real value to their business. We are constantly looking for ways in which our services can be improved to provide our clients with a more streamlined and cost-effective approach. As a result of this, we are very excited to announce the launch of Zodeq 360, our brand new service that will replace our current payroll and back office support services.


We have chosen the name ‘Zodeq 360’ to reflect the comprehensive end to end service that we provide clients, not only in performing our service effectively and efficiently but also by keeping abreast and responding to changes in any current or future legislation.


Who will benefit from Zodeq 360?


Any business owner and manager will understand the significant burden of arduous and time-consuming but necessary administrative tasks. These tasks ultimately take away from valuable working hours on the core business, thus impacting on its growth.


As a business with significant experience in the recruitment industry, Zodeq 360 has been specifically designed for recruiters to aid them with their day to day administrative requirements.


What is included?


Zodeq 360 will ensure that all administrative requirements are carried out compliantly, to a high standard and in a timely manner. Our understanding of the recruitment industry means that we are expertly placed to provide informed recommendations on which aspects of the Zodeq 360 service will be most beneficial to the smooth running of any business.


Our service will include:


> Access to leading CRM technology

> Payroll

> Invoicing

> Credit control

> Timesheet processing

> Administration of HMRC requirements (incl. VAT, PAYE, NI and CIS)

> Pension provision services


The benefits of Zodeq 360


The benefits of our new service are vast and will vary depending on the uniquely defined service that our team recommends. Just some of the benefits include:


> More time to spend on core business

> Improved cash flow with efficient invoicing and credit control services

> Compliance with HMRC regulations

> Streamlined sales process, service delivery and operations with CRM

> Increased productivity

> Manageable and efficient auto-enrolment

> And much more


Would your business benefit from Zodeq 360? Contact our expert team today to discover which aspects of our service would be ideal for your business’ processes.