The recruitment industry is booming

  Published: 4th April 2017

At Zodeq we support clients from across a wide range of industries including the recruitment sector. A large proportion of our clients are from the recruitment sector and we work with lots of new business start-ups in this area as well as more established recruitment agencies.
The growth in the sector over the last few years has been significant. In fact, the sector has more than doubled in size over the last five years and is now worth an estimated £35.1 billion a year. It’s an exciting time to be working in recruitment and at Zodeq we’re equally excited to be supporting the growth of a fast paced, vibrant and constantly evolving sector.
A report published by revealed that 4529 brand new recruitment businesses were set up last year (2016). 2016 was a busy year for recruitment start-ups but with employment at an all time high, it isn’t surprising that the sector is booming.
Recruitment has changed in recent years. The internet, jobs boards and social networks have all transformed the recruitment process. People approach looking for a new job differently and the majority of businesses changed the way they recruit their employees too.
Recruiting new staff can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Most employers and managers now recognise that using a recruitment agency is usually the quickest and most effective way to find new staff. Demand from employers for professional, recruitment services has certainly helped the industry grow. With skills shortages in many areas, we predict that more and more employers will turn to recruitment agencies to fulfil their recruitment requirements.
We predict that there will be continued growth in the recruitment industry for a number of reasons. In key areas such as IT and construction, there are significant skills shortages and specialist roles in these areas can be difficult to fill. This will lead to more employers relying on agencies to source the right candidates for hard to fill roles. During times of uncertainty many businesses turn to temporary workers and as negotiations take place over Brexit we anticipate that the demand for flexible workers will be high. Significant government investment in infrastructure and projects such as HS2 will also drive demand for recruitment services.
At Zodeq we offer a range of services which recruitment businesses can access to help them whether they are a new business just starting out or a recruitment agency looking for the support needed to take the business to the next stage. Find out more about our services for the recruitment industry.