Start-up success stories

  Published: 24th September 2020

Despite the challenges of the current economic climate, the team at Zodeq are now seeing a number of recruitment start-ups emerge as we come out of lockdown and begin our new normal. With weekly job postings rising sharply according to REC research, now appears to be a great time for recruiters to set up on their own.


Despite these positive findings, many may still be hesitant to give it a go, be it due to recent challenges, through lack of confidence in running their own business, or lack of capital. To show you the success you could experience as a business owner, we are taking a look at some notable start-up success stories to inspire you:



Now one of the world’s most recognisable brands, Apple was founded in the home of Steve Jobs’ parents, alongside his co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976. To finance the creation of their very first computer, Jobs sold his car, Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator and from this the Apple 1 Computer was born. Having overcome numerous challenges in its 44 years, Apple has this month, become the first US company to reach a market value of over $2 trillion.



With its founder boasting an impressive $189 billion fortune, Amazon came from humble beginnings as an online book seller back in 1994, long before online shopping became a powerhouse in the retail world. Quickly, Bezos identified consumer needs for electronics, video games, clothing, toys, food, jewellery and so much more, delivered directly to their door. In the 26 years since it was established, Amazon has further expanded into countless categories, not to mention their ventures into the world of music and film.



Looking a little closer to home, Wrexham-born call answering experts, Moneypenny, have experienced tremendous growth both nationally and internationally since it was established in 2000. Now with an office in the US, Moneypenny is a leader in its industry, not only offering call answering, but also live chat support, to a wide range of businesses globally.



Zodeq itself was a start-up just a few short years ago, and what a success it has been. With rapid growth both on a local and national level, Zodeq has supported businesses of all shapes, sizes and ages. With an obvious understanding of the challenges a start-up will face, we have ensured that all services we offer perfectly suit the needs of fledgling recruitment businesses. With no capital required and expert support for back office administration tasks, start-ups have thrived whilst utilising our services.


One vital thing that can be taken away from each of these businesses mentioned above is that their success lies in responding to customer needs and identifying gaps in the market. Having capitalised on these they have experienced huge success on an international scale.


If you are looking for support in your new business venture, speak to the team at Zodeq today!