The top five benefits of a CRM

  Published: 16th August 2019

A CRM (customer relationship management) system, provides businesses with an effective solution to streamline their sales, marketing and customer service efforts.


Juggling the various responsibilities that keep a business running and growing can be tricky. For example, the recruitment industry, with so many different aspects to consider, from past, present and future candidates, through to client relationships and prospective customers, having a CRM in place can massively benefit the business. Below, we take at the top five benefits of a CRM system.


1.  Communication

Not only will a CRM allow for internal communications to improve, as customer data is shared across various departments, but this will in turn allow you to improve communication with your customers. This is due to the fact that each member of staff will have a clear and concise record of a client’s account, past interactions and any queries outstanding.


2.  Customer service

Of course, with more effective communication, comes improved customer service. Allowing all members of the team to speak knowledgeably with customers on their account. This allows you to build a stronger relationship with your customers, leading to higher retention rates and ultimately, a great reputation.


3.  Business efficiency

With multiple processes in one place, including sales, customer service and marketing, this will bridge any gaps between these functions, leading to the efficiency of each of these key elements will be greatly enhanced. In addition to this, as a number of in-house processes can be automated with a CRM, this increases the amount of time your team can focus on other important areas.


4.  Cost-effective

Despite the fact that investing in a CRM will cost you money, the time it will save in the long-run, as well as the returns it can bring with regards to customer retention and lead nurturing, a CRM can work out to be an extremely cost-effective tool for your business.


5.  Performance analysis

With key departments all in one place, you are able to effectively review your progress, and pinpoint any issues within your processes that require attention. From this you can improve your current strategies, be it sales, marketing or customer service, leading to a better service and higher returns.


Zodeq 360’s CRM

Zodeq 360’s recruitment clients will have already experienced the fantastic benefits that a CRM can bring to their business. Alongside credit control, invoicing, payroll, HMRC administration management, pension provision and timesheet processing, 360 customers will also gain access to leading CRM software, developed specifically to answer the requirements of the staffing and recruitment industries.


Find out more about our Zodeq 360 service and discuss the benefits it can bring to your business by contacting our expert team today on 01244 617 087 or email [email protected].