The top five benefits of outsourced invoicing

  Published: 5th June 2019

SMEs throughout a variety of industries will often benefit massively from outsourcing certain aspects of their workload, particularly with regards to tasks that go hand in hand with running a business.

One area that many businesses find particularly useful to outsource is their invoicing. A crucial aspect to any business providing credit terms to customers, without an efficient invoicing function a business can struggle significantly. Not only does outsourcing your invoicing ensure that this function runs efficiently, but there are several other benefits for businesses when choosing this service:


Invoice outsourcing


More time

Particularly in industries such as recruitment, invoicing can take a substantial amount of time, and therefore businesses that outsource this function will more often than not find that they have more time to focus on other responsibilities.


Reduced overheads

Of course, when outsourcing any area of the business, this ultimately means that there is no need to employ additional staff. This then means that you don’t have the additional overheads that come with employment such as heating, lighting, holiday pay, sick pay, etc.


Timely payments

It goes without saying that more prompt invoicing will ensure you are paid sooner. One issue that many businesses that invoice in-house have is failing to send an invoice as soon as work is completed, which can impact cash flow significantly in the long run. Outsourcing this area of the business will ensure that invoices are sent promptly.


Clear accounts

With prompt invoicing, businesses will have a much clearer idea of their accounts at all times, this allows for improved forward planning and an up-to-date calculation of working capital.



Accurate invoicing is vital to ensure there are no delays in payment, as this is one of the most common reasons a client will pay late. Businesses invoicing in-house will often be pressed for time as they balance this alongside other responsibilities, and therefore mistakes in invoicing, such as wrong name, payment details and costs, are common. Outsourcing invoicing to a company with a dedicated team of professionals who carry out this task day in day out, will almost certainly reduce the risk of easily avoidable mistakes being made.


If you are looking to outsource your business’ invoicing function, our Zodeq 360 service could be the ideal solution. Contact our team today for more information.