Two years on – how has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the business world?

  Published: 23rd May 2022

The last two years have, to put it lightly, been challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic presented the business world with a whole host of unprecedented challenges that have truly tested their survival, as it reached every corner of the globe.


It goes without saying that this not only drastically changed the way in which businesses operated during the pandemic, but will also change the ways businesses will operate moving forward. Below, we will take a look at just some of the ways that the pandemic has changed the business world…


Working practices

Of course, the first lockdown saw businesses throughout the UK forced to transition to a home working environment, for those that could. Whilst a steep learning curve for many, remote working has turned out to be a highly suitable option; so much so that countless businesses have opted to continue remote or hybrid working in the longer term. Not only did many see productivity increase, but it also allowed businesses to save on overheads, not to mention drastically reducing the morning commute.


Geographical considerations

With more people working on a remote basis and the software in place to accommodate meeting, chatting and working virtually from locations all across the globe, this has greatly expanded the geographical scope that many businesses use for sourcing suppliers, seeking out clients and even recruiting. For recruiters in particular this greatly increases the chances that they will identify those top-tier candidates with the ideal skill sets, even if they live two, three, even four hours away. Remote working has made hiring from a different location possible.



Forward planning was a business necessity that was taken away for many during the pandemic due to the uncertainty that surrounded it. With the worst behind us, businesses are now able to ramp up their plans for the growth of their business. But this won’t just include areas such as planning your sales or marketing strategy, it will also include planning for disaster. With many caught out by the sudden nature of lockdown, those without a Disaster Recovery Plan in place struggled tremendously. Whilst the pandemic was an unprecedented event, disasters can occur at any time, whether it’s a flood, fire, cyber attack or so much more, businesses must have a plan in place should this occur.


One thing is for certain, the pandemic forced businesses to change, but for many, these changes have been highly beneficial. Despite sadly losing many businesses to the struggles of restrictions, the pandemic highlighted the resilience of the business world, and its ability to adapt swiftly.


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