Why effective HMRC administration management is essential for recruiters

  Published: 27th December 2018

Recruiters throughout the UK are contending with a mountain of administration work each and every day, a relatively time-consuming, dull task to complete, but one that is essential to ensuring that clients and the recruiters themselves are compliant with HMRC legislation. Juggling these administrative requirements can be particularly tricky for recruiters working with contractors all registered on various schemes or routes (i.e. PAYE, umbrella or CIS).


Just some of the administrative requirements that recruiters must complete include:

  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • National Insurance Contributions (NI)
  • CIS


Failure to carry out administrative tasks accurately and on time can have far-reaching repercussions for both client, candidates and the recruitment business themselves, which is precisely why it is vital that each and every recruiter ensures they have effective HMRC administration management systems in place.


Large-scale recruiters will often have a specific department dedicated to completing these tasks, however, for small to medium recruitment businesses finding the time and resources to complete HMRC administration can be difficult, therefore many choose to outsource this facility.


The benefits of outsourcing HMRC administration management


Time saving

Of course, by outsourcing this facility you free up your own time to focus on running and growing your business.


Reduced cost

The overheads associated with hiring a member of staff or team to carry out these tasks can be costly, outsourcing often works out much more cost effective for a business.



The task of completing HMRC administration requirements will be much more efficient when carried out by experts in this field.



Accuracy is vital to ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations, in having a team of experts completing these tasks you reduce the risk of inaccurate data being submitted.


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