Zodeq make the perfect partner for recruitment businesses

  Published: 4th April 2017

At Zodeq we offer a range of back office support services specifically aimed at recruitment businesses.

The background to how Zodeq began probably goes some way to explaining why we decided to create a range of services aimed at the recruitment sector. We believe it also explains why we are so good at supporting recruitment businesses and individual recruiters too.

The team at Zodeq is comprised of a group of individuals who all have experience in recruitment, business finance or working in businesses which provide service for recruiters and contractors. The inspiration for Zodeq came about because of the understanding we have of how the recruitment sector works and the challenges faced by recruiters. We’ve experienced it first hand and as a team have seen the industry from different perspectives.

This experience led us to think about how we could offer valuable, practical support to recruiters. Recruitment is a notoriously high-pressure, target-driven industry. Juggling clients and candidates, keeping everyone happy, bringing on new business and meeting targets not to mention picking up the pieces when (as inevitably sometimes) a candidate doesn’t show up for work.

Our back office support takes care of the time consuming and administration heavy tasks which often take recruiters away from focusing on their core business. Good recruiters are skilled at what they do and it makes sense that their time should be spent focusing on core activities. Ask any recruitment consultant and they will tell you bringing new clients on board, placing candidates and retaining existing clients all require constant attention yet many find their time is eaten up with none core activities. At Zodeq our role is to change this. We provide a range of efficient services from processing timesheets and payroll to invoicing and credit control.

We work with individual recruiters who are just starting out in business and can take care of all their back office support as well as offer them finance and cash flow solutions. For bigger more established recruitment companies they may want to just outsource their payroll or timesheet processing. We work closely with our recruitment clients to help them work out which of our services will bring them the most benefits. We create tailored solutions that offer the support needed at that moment in time. We take a flexible approach to the way we work and as businesses evolve and grow we can adapt our services to meet their changing needs.