Zodeq establishes itself as Chester’s first invoice finance company

  Published: 3rd February 2017

Zodeq is based in the lovely city of Chester in the north of England.  As a city Chester has built a reputation as one of the major banking centres outside the capital.  Despite this surprisingly the city hasn’t until now been home to an invoice finance company.  As Chester’s first invoice finance company Zodeq is here to change that!


With big name banks such as MBNA, HBOS, Virgin Money and M&S Finance all having their offices in the city Chester is often thought of as key player in the financial services industry.  The city is also popular with accountancy firms and financial advisors but until now there hasn’t really been anyone in the city offering flexible or alternative financing solutions to the local business community.


There are many reasons why we chose Chester as the base for Zodeq but the fact that there weren’t any other invoice finance companies in the city was certainly a factor.  We knew there was a gap in the market.  Of course there are invoice finance companies in the North West but we feel that, particularly for small and start-up businesses, the option to use a local company and be able to meet with them personally to discuss individual circumstances is a real advantage.


Chester and the North West as well as neighbouring North Wales are all areas with great entrepreneurial spirit and a strong record for business start-ups.  Business start-ups, fledgling businesses and SMEs are all potential Zodeq clients.  These smaller organisations often struggle to ensure consistent cash flow and are the types of businesses that could potentially benefit from invoice financing or asset based lending solutions.


Traditional business loans from a bank aren’t always the right solution.  Sometimes a more flexible approach is what is needed to help a growing business.  Solutions such as invoice financing, invoice discounting or asset based lending can be great, practical alternatives.


Until now businesses in Chester looking for an alternative solution to a business loan or overdraft have had to look beyond the city.  We believe that our presence here can have a positive impact on the small business community.  We will be working hard to support this community and are currently planning some events which will offer local businesses an opportunity to meet us, find out more about what we do and network with other businesses in the region.  Watch this space for more information or get in touch straight away to talk about how we can help your business